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Not if I had a dozen lives

“People talk about how wonderful the world seems to children, and that’s true enough. But children think they will grow into it and understand it, and I know very well that I will not, and would not if I had a dozen lives.” – Marilynne Robinson

karen - perfect!

The Unexpected Sarah

Sometimes we dream of offering something beautiful for our children and it ends up beautifying us because our children can’t receive all of the beauty. Sweet Sarah ordered this floral crown for her daughter, Pepper and well, Pepper wasn’t ready to wear it. So Sarah, who knows a thing or two about head accessories did. Check out her turban headbands at Pepper Lou Turbans. Thank you to Erika Eddington of The Fleurist for this beautiful crown!


Children’s Portraits // Baby Makin

Why shouldn’t they be held? I’ve tried over and over to do stand-alone, well, in this case lay-alone newborn portraits but I can’t do them. So this is what we do- you come in and hold your baby like you do every day of your life and I will photograph that. Because at the end of the photographic day what matters is that we have images that show our relationships to the people we love. And we all love babies. Beautiful little man Jessica!