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The Family Flavor

For the last few years my talented kitchen-wiz friend Whitney Ingram has been working in collaboration with another amazing cook, perfect stylist and phenomenal photographer, Sheena Jibson. Their project? A cookbook. A wonderful, fully photographed cookbook filled to the brim with the most amazing recipes. Whitney asked me to look through it before it went to the publisher and the thought kept rising- this is just what every home needs.

There work together is magical. Our home was the scene for their cover shoot which was a blast to watch and support. I am so happy to have our beautiful table featured on the cover. Clayton Thompson of Ivory Bill made such incredible heirloom table for our family and it was a perfect backdrop to Whitney and Sheena’s work. Below are a few film shots I took while Sheena and Whitney zoomed around our house!

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A few days ago Trevor Christensen posted an excerpt from a book called, “”The Ongoing Moment” by Geoff Dyer that read, “it was only by deceiving his subjects that he could be faithful to them” and another, “The photographer sees the subject as she is unable to see herself.” The following portraits were taken at Quinn and Katrina’s wedding celebration.

The Peterson Sisters

Lauren Smith

Benjamin Best

Marina Tijerino

Meikel Reece

Andy Peterson