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Welcoming Walt

When Walt Arden entered the world he blinked and cried a tiny, buttery cry. With the weakness of his neck, the strength of his cry, and the wonder of new eyes in bright lights- Walt undid everyone. The rushing, celebratory room sighed in his perfectness.

There is nothing so hopeful and orienting as seeing someone join the earth party. Walt’s parents are my friends, whom I love, and it was my pleasure to be with them on that happy Monday afternoon. I knew of their quiet anxieties of the unknown and watched the assurance spill over them when the little bundled boy was set in arms made for him; the arms that made him. An assurance that Walt is theirs and they are his, and we are His, and He knows us.

Flower Beard with Sarah, David and Ivy

I  have so many images from 2013 that I haven’t shared. In the coming weeks I will be sharing them. First? A few images from a winter morning with Sarah and David. Sarah is a calm, kind artist and the mastermind behind Honey of a Thousand Flowers. Her work has been featured locally and nationally as she is an inspiring forward-thinking floral designer. Google her work and see natural art unfold. She and her husband David were working on an ongoing collaborative project of flower beards and I got a chance to photograph a few of their creations. Thank you, Sarah.