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Flower Beard with Sarah, David and Ivy

I  have so many images from 2013 that I haven’t shared. In the coming weeks I will be sharing them. First? A few images from a winter morning with Sarah and David. Sarah is a calm, kind artist and the mastermind behind Honey of a Thousand Flowers. Her work has been featured locally and nationally as she is an inspiring forward-thinking floral designer. Google her work and see natural art unfold. She and her husband David were working on an ongoing collaborative project of flower beards and I got a chance to photograph a few of their creations. Thank you, Sarah.





The Calaway Kids

Watching families grow and kids grow up is such a great part of my job. These four are such an agreeable, personality-filled four and it has been such a pleasure photographing them for the last two years. It is also a nice chance to look back and see some of my improvements, changes in style etc. HERE are their portraits from last year.

A Day in the Life Silas

The first born makes a mother. They come as a surprise and trench through us making everything we thought we knew nothing, and everything we truly knew deeper and wider. The tiny dependencies dwindling, the vast developments charting themselves as well-planned gifts to wash over us bringing unexpected joy. The discoveries are singular and entertaining, their simplicities and peculiarities are magic crashing. The way we both dread and ache for a future when a calm with less struggle will come, and the learning that  calm is gone and in its place a new joyful anxiety.