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Era End

This March my husband’s Grandmother, Lois, died. Lois lived in this tiny home for most of her life, raised her 4 children here, grieved the loss of 3 husbands here. Yes, she was a three time widow. She outlived her parents and the men she loved. She witnessed the arrival and marriages of most of her grandchildren. She was a grandmother, a banana bread maker, a fiercely independent woman who gardened and, despite an eventual degradation of health, insisted on maintaining her residence here until days before she passed.

The foundation of this home was excavated by a team of horses. The same horses that helped her first husband work their small farm. She lived on the neighboring lot of her friend and mother-in-law Esther. These lots are lost to the Thalman family now. Her belongings are scattered in garbages, distributed to her progeny, donated and decaying. Here is a small image collection of a lost living.

Many thanks to the Thalman siblings who allowed me document and share these photographs.

Shawna - Oh my gosh, Ashley. Every photo is so rich, so tells a story or a moment or a history of hers. Beautiful. When I die will you do this for my kids?

Angi Pelissie - I love every bit of this! Thanks!

2012- February Review

February was a great month for black and white experimentation.

Brooke Anderson’s Bridal Session shot on and around Deer Creek Reservoir.

More work with Mallory Robin. This time we used a lot of texture and light. Excellent. Oh, I rent a studio now and it has been excellent for experimenting and meeting clients. Legit. 

My sister Jody and her husband Steve were married in February and Shawna shot their wedding. It was a fantastic, overdue, fun-filled family week. On our last night together we sent up 30 floating lanterns up into the night sky. Shawna and I were shooting like mad-dogs.


2012- January Review

I spent a lot of time away from my blog, and from sharing my work in general this last year. As I rebuilt this blog I realized how much I have missed sharing. Sharing is an intense refinement and I need its benefit in my shaping so here I am again. I’m going to do a series of 5 posts to document my favorite images from the last 5 months. 

Mallory Robin and I have been in collaboration quite frequently this year resulting in a deep and close relationship that blesses me as a woman, a mother and an artist. We’ve made some of my favorite images together but now I’ll be venturing to Belgium to get more. Bittersweet when friends move away. Bitter, bitter sweet. Isn’t she beautiful?

Every time we worked together we spent a significant amount of time prior to the session brainstorming. It paid off.

Shooting Irene and Brandon Stone’s engagements this January  was amazing. We shot the majority on the property of Utah’s new Natural History Museum. Incredible modern lines and lots of dead grass and clean blue skies. Irene and Brandon were so gracious, trusting, professional and appreciative. Photographers like to be thanked and they went above and beyond with handmade artesian bread and grape jelly. I was handsomely rewarded by their generosity and praise.

As many of you know, my sister Shawna Del Valle is one of the most sought after and well respected photographers in the South and travels world wide documenting high-end weddings. She married the love of her life Fernando in Florida this January and I was lucky enough (trusted, honored, believed in) to shoot their wedding. It was an intimate beach affair and they are so in love that everyone fell in love with them, and with love, and with what and whom they love…all over again.

Horizon and Eclipse

 Last Sunday I witnessed my first solar eclipse. It was a wonderful day to have my camera as the lighting created a nostalgic golden hour glow over everything. The light was such a strange, distinct hue. Like late Summer fire sunsets.  I couldn’t get enough of it. See for yourself. Summer is coming and the moon crossed the sun’s path.

lara - These photos are AMAZING.

Kasi - I absolutely love the two of Dotter crying.

Spring 2012 Children’s Portraits // Part 1

Many thanks to all of my wonderful clients and their kids!  I was so excited that these sessions filled so fast with so many great people. I decided to shoot and process all, um, 15 sessions in one day. I wanted to have the images ready for Mother’s Day so I busted the editing out on the same day I shot the sessions. I felt on top of the world when I started uploading all these great shots. You know I really, really love photographing children. They have an innocence and curiosity about life that gives me a rich and broad pallet to work from. Some kids are reserved and prefer seriousness and contemplation, some children like to eat and don’t like strangers and as a photographer I say, “I want to get that!!” I want to capture the dynamics of childhood. To photograph and document the fits and wondering, their messes and grumpiness. I am so happy that my clients trust me to document what’s real, share my philosophy and delight in getting great images of their unique kids.

I was speaking with a friend yesterday and as we discussed the process of learning about a child’s personality she said that the discovery of a child’s personality likes and dislikes, talents and individuality is the most fantastic aspect of parenthood and is like, “opening a gift”. I certainly agree as a parent, and as a photographer I feel honored to capture little bits of this unfolding.