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Jessica & Adam Collings // Family Portraits- At Home

I really like this session. I like the location, the light, the details and the people- the people were the best part, as they always are. Meet the Collings. Adam and Jessica are living deep in dust and blue prints as they remodel their home in Salt Lake’s historic Avenues neighborhood. Built by Mormon Pioneers this home is full of rich detail and some timeworn disasters that these two are sorting through and savoring. As you can see, they are expecting their first child in just a few weeks and that is one lucky little babe. Mom and Dad love each other a lot and that is evident and solid and I like it. Thank you so much to the Collings for eating treats with me, laughing and promenading me around your beautiful home.

Kalli - Part of me died inside after seeing these pictures and realizing that I will never own that house.

Mclove it.

Jessica Collings - Best photo session ever. I am in love with each photo!!

Engaged // Cassie & Bryan

Here they are. In love and ready to start their married lives together. He, an illustrator and she a special educator. Suited and happy. We were lucky enough to have wonderful weather during our session after a few days of sketchy temperatures so we cruised around the Avenues and around their apartment property in search of nice light and green things growing. Keep an eye out for their colorful wedding next month.

I’ve been trying my best to edit, process and post every session within 72 hours max and I’m doin’ it. It’s really challenging to my system and super good for my clients to see their finished product so fast.

cassie - the turnaround time for these was amaaaazing. we definitely appreciate your hard work!

Personal Portraits || Errin

Errin. She is beautiful, compassionate, driven, smart and bold. She knows what she wants, gets what she wants and is what she wants to be. You know those women right? The ones that everyone want to be friends with, be like, and be with? That is this woman and she is my best friend. I love her and I love these photographs of her. Too bad you aren’t her friend/husband and can’t see all of them in all their sexy glory right?

NOTES: I’ve been shooting landscape orientation portraits (horizontal) a lot lately. I like the feel where once I would have not felt confident enough to do it. A girl gets comfortable with good posture you know but every now and again it feels nice to spread out and do something different.

jalene taylor - These are so great, Ashley!! I love them!

cassie - damn, errin is looking fine, fabulous, and FIERCE!

The Long Awaited Wedding of Ammon & Bunnary // June 1st 2012

Ammon and Bunnary have been awaiting this day for a long time. She in Cambodia and he here working with knives while on pins and needles for her. She’s here now and they are in love and the world is right for them, and really, for all of us because love does that doesn’t it? It makes us right. Ammon is my long time friend and though it’s been a while since I’ve seen him, I was happy for a reunion with him in a suit alongside his lovely bride.

Ammon and Bunnary were married and sealed in the Salt Lake LDS Temple in the morning and then they were joined by their family and guests for a laid-back Hawaiian style celebration at Ammon’s family home. As you will see below the celebration was beautiful. Ammon’s mother and sister Kalani thought of every detail. The weather was perfect, the light was plentiful and the details were all attended to. Butterflies, bunting, flowers, fire and green.

Congratulations to my old friend Ammon and my new friend Bunnary.

Leah Wright - You are a well oiled machine. You’re making the rest of us look bad. Get some rest.

Angie - Stalking your photos ONCE AGAIN.

I love the details in this wedding. Obsessed.

Valdelino - Danielle Veasey – HOW BEAUTIFUL the pictures are abraodle & you guys look soooooo in love!!! Y’all look meant to be!!! To my beautiful cousin Jen- u look more & more like your mom & you are beaming w/ such a glow!!! I pray your union is BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE!!! God bless you both! Bryson- Welcome to the family!!! Smooches & much LOVE!! Danielle Houston, Tx