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Ben & Lindsay // Family Portraits- At Home

A majority of my sessions this Summer are family sessions photographed in the homes of my clients. I love the process of exploring the light, being dedicated to the location, the focus, the comfort and simultaneous scrutiny of that familiarity. Ben and Lindsay were excited about the idea of capturing their stylish apartment. This is the place they will bring their new son in a few short weeks. A home filled with the anticipation of everything that is so soon to come. The wonder of tiny features and the anxiety of care, the late night feedings and learning and love.  As you can see, they are both very much in love. What better place to welcome a baby than into love.

Thank you so much Ben and Lindsay- you were such a dream to work with!

Laura Bytheway - Wow, these are truly exceptional portraits. Not that I know anything about photography (which I hope to one day fix), but one thing I know about art (at least in my opinion) is that if the artist captures the emotion in such a way that it actually resonates with the viewer, that person is truly an artist. To me, art is about the sending of a powerful message. Or communication of something deeper than the surface. My favorite art is the kind that feels as if someone’s put up a psychological mirror. These portraits bring tears to my eyes. And maybe that’s because I can put myself in them (or maybe I’m just pregnant hormonal). But these family portraits are SO much more than pictures of people smiling. They send a raw and real message about love, marriage, happiness, anticipation, the meaning of home and place. They’re just beautiful. Thank you for posting.