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Summer Children’s Portraits // Addison

Sometimes tiny clients struggle. Bad day, unfamiliar place, camera aimed at them but every time kids come around. I sign songs, I dance, I make a fool of myself and then…magic happens. Addie struggled, the poor darling, but her mom and I worked hard to encourage her to be herself and it worked.

I like seeing the dynamic children exhibit when they come to the studio- there is value in every deliberate and surprise shot because these expressions will change and grow, develop and some will succumb to time and age and I feel lucky to photograph all of them.

Harmony Provo

What a great joy to see my dear friends realize a dream. Congratulations to Laura Harmon and her beautiful daughters on creating a perfectly balanced, stimulating space filled with delicious textures and inspiration galore. Harmony is located at 315 East Center Street in Provo in the beautiful Hannah Maria Libby Smith house. The home itself is brimming with history and charm. Laura Harmon and I discussed what a great thing it is for Provo to have such a beautiful historic home on display. I would add that Harmony honors the integrity of the home both in style and vision.  Thank you Laura and Rachel for letting me share in the joy of this new adventure!

Harmony is a creative feast from the moment you walk in and they intend to keep it that way with classes on topics from knitting to crocheting and even culinary instruction.

Textures, colors, lines, coordination and abundant inspiration with quality boutique materials for every knit, wrap, hang and crochet project  imaginable.

The south-west room is light filled and brimming with vibrant florals, designer patterns and batik print fabrics from around the world.

For those of you who have perused the charming online store Darlybird you are in for a treat. As a Darlybird customer it was so fun to get my hands and eyes on all of the fun products and novelties I’ve been collecting and eyeballing for years.

Vintage trimmings, twine and tassels. Walk, don’t run.

Earrings, embellishments, washi tapes, and papers oh my!

 Wool scarves in a rainbow of colors fill a midcentury dresser.

olivia - Ash, these are STUNNING. I mean, I know the subject matter is already awesome, but you have captured such great, great details and crops and I feel like I’ve been there now, even though I don’t intend to let that keep me from making a moment next week to walk in.