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Cheer Up Mouse- In Film


Several weeks ago I was asked to collaborate on a project between Brittany Jepson of The House That Lars Built and Jed Henry a well known illustrator and the creator of the newly released children’s book, “Cheer Up Mouse“. The book is darling. My kids and I read between 30-60 minutes each night to wind down and I was eager to make this book a part of our collection. They love it. The language introduces fun new verbs to little ones using a sing-song language, features illustrations are nostalgic and a sweet story line of loving others as they need to be loved.


Jed and his wife Tanei Henry organized 10 children who were each unique and wonderfully easy to work with. Our team transformed the studio into a minimalistic forest where the children interacted and played out the parts of the adorable animals from Jed’s book. I cannot say enough about the savvy, forward-thinking styling of Brittany Jepson. She is amazingly talented with a personality perfect for large projects. She’s a calm, organized, visionary artist. She created each of these masks and sourced the costumes from local and international children’s clothing stores. She successfully extracted the essence of Jed’s book and translated it well for a small play for children.


To see more images and the entire content from this project visit The House That Lars Built where you may see 1) Instructions for doing a small play with children based on “Cheer Up Mouse” and 2) Instructions for making your own masks at home.

I was so happy that our work was featured on the Houghton Mifflin Young Readers Blog as well.


We were lucky to have  Jocelyn Brown on our team who is truly the best and most professional hair and makeup artist I’ve worked with on a large production. We have worked together twice now and I hope to make a habit of that.
Thank you to my friend and assistant Meikel Reece for her support and work on this, and every project.

Documenting Childhood- A Collaborative Workshop with Leah Naomi

This workshop is designed for intermediate and professional photographers who have access to a DSLR camera, with some experience shooting in manual mode and a basic knowledge of aperture and shutter speed. Your time with us will be divided into three parts: lecture, mentored shooting and an open question and answer forum.

Topics and exercises will include but are not limited to the following:

• Finding confidence to shoot in manual mode in both ideal and and difficult environments.

• Composition, cropping and how to overcome common problems such as blur, motion, shadows and low-lighting.

• Creating the optimal atmosphere to encourage natural expression from even the most challenging children.

With 12 years combined professional experience, Ashley and Leah bring a wealth of knowledge and skill invaluable to any photographer looking to perfect their craft. Come for what surely will be an enjoyable afternoon of instruction, practice and defiantly a few laughs.