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Twig Creative Feature

During one of my last Children’s Portrait sessions one of my darling clients picked up a Twig Creative camera we have in the studio. He wouldn’t put it down. What kid would? Twig has made a beautiful product that encourages creative play and observation. I sent Michelle and Steve this image and they used it on their front page.

Marina in Russian Olives

Summer is here. The Russian Olives have bloomed, lilacs have come and gone and I’ve put my work here on an intentional back burner. Sometimes we love something so long that our love gets lost in the doing of it. In the honoring of that love. I need a break to remember why I love making photographs. I need to do family and sun and the pool. I need to be a bit more so my photos are going to take a rest. I’ll be back in a week or two but for now- HAPPY SUMMER!