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About Ashley Thalman Photography

Hello! Welcome to my blogsite where I feature my work as a Utah-based photographer specializing in portraiture and commercial projects. Ashley Thalman Photography is a full-service photography studio based in historic downtown Provo Utah. Documenting and preserving life through fine-art portraiture is my passion. In 2013 I introduced my work to print and it has been an amazing adventure watching my images printed in heirloom albums and hung to create art for my client’s homes.  Our studio services include image consultation, matting and framing.

In addition to private and commercial assignments I also teach one-on-one mentoring and instruction on digital photography and client interaction. My work has been featured on Say Yes to Hoboken, One More Mushroom, The House That Lars Built and on Martha Stewart Blogs.

A valuable portrait

In the early 1980’s my dad invested in a top of the line Pentax 35 mm camera and photography classes. We weren’t wealthy by any definition but my Dad spent his time and money filling boxes with negatives and prints that told the story of us. His are photos that share and value the evidence of our living. Our flaws, our messes, our unkempt and deliberate.  The “domestic debris” as photographer Jessica Todd Harper has called it. I was raised to value that type of portrait then and I now, as a photographer myself, I value it today.

Portraits should say something about the people and places they document and about the life they have lived. About the creeks in the floors and the wrinkles on faces. A beautiful portrait is an honest portrait. I am dedicated to making images that will increase in value because of their timelessness and ability to communicate the individual and the singular of place and person, family and event.

If I weren’t a photographer, in favorites. 

If I weren’t a photographer I would write words. Words to describe particular loves like the love of a mother, or the love that follows forgiveness. Stories that tell of the way light moves across Russian Olive trees when their scent takes over west Provo. I would write to create that connection we feel to favorite authors who reveal parts of ourselves to us and when they do all of space and time collapse to connect us making us feel perfectly understood.  I would write like that.

If I weren’t a photographer I would sing great songs. Songs that give the singular lift of Joni Mitchell’s Case of You or the raw magic feel of Neil Young’s rasp. The joy of brunch songs and the love songs that hit it nail-head on. I would sing harmony to those songs.

Whitney - Hi! Just wondering what your prices are for a fa,ily shoot!

Morgan Neese - Hey there. I am getting married June 28 in manti and am looking for a photographer. Would you happen to be available and what are the prices? Thanks,Morgan

admin - Morgan,

I just sent an email to you in regard to your upcoming wedding! Let me know if you got it!

Lizy - Love your work!! Wondering what your pricing is for a family shoot with possibly multiple locations?

admin - Lizy,

I will send pricing tonight!

Gretchen - I love your pictures! I’ve been on the lookout for a good photographer for a family lifestyle shoot! Pricing?

admin - Hello Gretchen! What is your email address my friend?

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