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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Mallory in Tervuren

Last month I had the joy of paying a visit to my dear friend Mallory and her family. She and her husband are ex-patriots working in Brussels and we all thought it would be a good idea if they had some photographs of their life there. I cannot stop thinking about and talking about the things […]

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I cannot recommend this woman and her heart enough. She is a peacemaker and a fighter. She is visionary, loving, forgiving, moving. Watching her interact with her two children is inspiring. She is anxious to meet her new baby in just a few short days!

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Portraits // Meikel and Sons

Exactly one year ago I got a call from Meikel. She wanted me to do her family portraits and I wanted to! I knew her. I knew her as the stylish, kind, athletic, foodie and photographer who married that nice guy from high school. I always admired her from a distance of proximity but you […]

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Headshots // Devon Call

I love photographing friends of friends. Especially when the friends are amazing people you admire and the new friends are soulful, natural salt of the earth. I had the pleasure of photographing Devon a few weeks ago in preparation of his new dental practice here in Provo. His amazingly beautiful wife sat by my side. […]

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