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Portraits // Meikel and Sons

Exactly one year ago I got a call from Meikel. She wanted me to do her family portraits and I wanted to! I knew her. I knew her as the stylish, kind, athletic, foodie and photographer who married that nice guy from high school. I always admired her from a distance of proximity but you know, to write that I made my first real connection with her one year ago seems like a terrible deception. Meikel and I have become fast friends. I hesitate nothing with her. No word or frustration, joy or need. She is one of the classiest….and I mean that in a classic way. Like she drinks sparkling water and returns things the minute you’ve accidentally left them.

Here she is with her boys. The picture of calm and warmth whilst her active boys writhe and wiggle in hopes of freedom from her mother clutches. I know her faces and I know these boys.

Photographing people is a wonder. I pour over posture and light, texture and wrinkles, folds and softness. I see grace and fear and effort and nature. At the end of the long time spent choosing the best images I feel something of love or adoration for the people I photograph, their parents, spouses. I see something. I hope my photographs communicate that I see something wonderful in every face I meet. And I mean that.

Leah Wright - Beautiful, beautiful friend. Also-can’t wait to be behind your lens!

admin - YES!

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