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This session was nice and cold, nice with Gabi. Look at her earnest beauty. So deep is she. We share a lot of commonality both in history and emotion. I’d like to think myself like her I guess. I wanted to communicate loss and letting go in these images. I like what happened with that in mind.

These images were all taken near the Lindon boat harbor at Utah lake. Each image was taken on Portra 400 film with a Bronica medium format camera. I can’t explain the light leaks. Is there a science for such things? Anyhow, I like the effects. I did a lot of brainstorming for this session. Spent a few hours gathering supplies that we didn’t use much. No problem. Initially I get angry at the time “wasted” but it was really just a chance to remember that preparation is essential. Even the preparations that don’t make their way to the final product/portrait/image. Time to think and invest.

Working with models (someone confident enough to be photographed) is interesting. Posing is not an easy thing. I’ve got some concepts down alright but I get really stuck and overuse what I know. In the last year I’ve become a huge fan of two photographers.

First Lars W√§stfelt. I admire the nostalgic in Lars’ work. His commitment to capture something natural that accentuates the power of light in storytelling is unmatched. It’s easy to find direct inspiration for my work with children but working with adult models is more difficult. What I felt to extract was his use of exploration. Exploring our environment, exploring the known and mundane.

Second is Parker Fitzgerald. Parker’s posing is phenomenal and certainly leaves the viewer with a wanting of more. More views, more answers to the question of who the subject is, where such beautiful places and how the image was taken. I especially love his use of the arms and hands. Since everything is stolen, borrowed and reworked in all creative works I felt to borrow heavily from these two inspirations. I’m very happy with the results here.

I’m also getting better at focus. Focus and aperture are different with film/medium format. It’s an adjustment and I’m getting the swing of it.

Heather Howard - Ashley, these are beautiful! Love them!

admin - Heather,
Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

Charlotte Smith Beck - These are so good. I love the one on the edge of the water and the eyes closed with snow in action, actually all of them.

admin - Charlotte, I am so grateful for your comment! Thank you!

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