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Disclaimer: The Russells have had their family portraits for months and months- I’m just catching up on my blog sharing!

There are few things more assuring and encouraging as having repeat clients. Year after year I have been invited to photograph the Russells. Their energy and total trust of me in their home, in their favorite places and with their kids makes my work with them a total joy. Last year as we were finishing up our session I did my best to ignore some aural migraine symptoms. “Not today, not now.” As if encouragement and positive thinking could dam the wall of pulsing pain that was knocking down my professional door. We finished the session (which was one of my happiest yet) and drove together down Sundance canyon when all at once I was no longer able to push against the tide- I burst into tears. “I have a migraine! I’m going to barf. ” Shelby kicked her heart into high gear as Jon pulled the car over time after time, dry heave after gag. Oh to just throw up!

After a nap in their cool, quiet basement, essential oils, tea, water, “it’s okay”, “you can stay as long as you want” I felt well enough to drive home. From then on I have considered Shelby a friend. Since our latest Autumn session, I now call her a close friend. I could rave on and on about Shelby and I realize that this whole, “I took their family photos and now we’re friends” thing is becoming thematic but how could I quiet the warmth of support and love that I’ve inherited from this “job”? I can’t. Sometimes God gifts us just the things we need through our work and our passions. Tonight I feel right that this is my life. A life filled with the fact that it’s okay to let the dam break because behind it is a good that no effort can hold back. Even when it hurts, even when we want other things.

Jon - Wow. Ashley, thank you for capturing so well this moment of our life. And although we have these pics, it’s so nice to see it presented in “blog” format. We will cherish these photos forever and they will be an incredible vehicle in the future to time travel back to this period of time and accurately remember how great this stage of our life truly was. You’ve given us a flux capacitor and a Delorean. 🙂 Thank you.

admin - Jon, This is by far the best comment ever! Thanks for jumping through the technological hoops to send me such love. Win!

Leah Wright - Ashley-these are some of my very favorites yet. May have to do with knowing Shelby’s goodness inside and out. You captured both beautifully!

admin - Leah, thank you so!

Natasha - Ashley T… oh my… I LOVE everything about this session… every photo, the story, the play, the light, the love… I want you here at my home now more than ever.. I dislike the distance between our homes…

admin - Tosh, You are too nice! I can’t wait to come and play this Summer!

amanda - these are beyond stunning! the lighting kills me. and the intimacy and love in that home? so sweet! this fall i’m SO calling you for family photos! i’d love to get info on pricing, etc. you’re awesome!

admin - Amanda, I’m happy you’re planning for family portraits! I’ll sending pricing and other details now! - I love your work and would also like to get some info in pricing.

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