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Thank you to the lovely and willing Hannah Theuson for modeling in the flowers for us today. These are some digital portraits I snuck between film shots. More on that later…

Laurie Thalman - I have always loved your photos, but the realization of time spent at the editing process makes the old click click click… Way of getting your perfect photo seem too overwhelming and possibly overly frustrating mentally. Too much time staring at a computer screen filled with photos your not happy with would fill me with sadness, anger, fright (knowing someone paid for the perfect shot) and exhaustion! Pleasing people is a hard job and I know how hard you work to do just that. I’m glad you feel this new process will eliminate a lot of the the issues you felt with your old process. These photos are beautiful.

admin - Thank you for the kind comment Laurie. It is hard, so exhausting. I hope this new approach will help solve some of the inherent issues too. Thanks so much for the support!

Hannah Thueson - Thank YOU!! So fun!

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