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The Schutz Girls

This is by far one of my favorite children’s portrait sessions. Rachel of Darly Bird and I were reacquainted last fall when she and her mother opened a new shop in Provo called, Harmony (see some of my photographs of their shop HERE)  featuring her collection from Darly Bird and her mom’s amazing curation of materials, wools, yarns and the like.

I was pretty excited to work with her in getting some genuine portraits of her three. I love all of the color and the amazing personality in the girl’s outfits. Rachel let me do my thing, trusted me and let her girls dance, laugh, show off, sit still and quiet and be themselves. The girls were so fun to get to know and I’m very happy with the results.

Photographer’s notes: I am very conservative when communicating with my clients about what to wear. I think clothes should be extensions of our individuality and not its entirety. That can be a delicate balance in photography. Often clothing detracts (both positively and negatively) and makes it difficult to see something more than an outfit. Sometimes parents spend too much money, invest too much emotionally and  feel too committed to their idea of what their child’s portrait “should” look like. I think children should come dressed in their favorite thing and I think all preconceptions should be left at the door. Trust your photographer and let (s)he do their thing.

Also, I love photographing children. There is something unmatched in the level of emotional and intellectual transparency I am able to share with my client when that client is a child. I don’t care what I look like, how competent I appear, what impressive joke I can tell. I feel totally at ease and completely in tune with these little people and I love it.


Carina - Wonderful portraits! You totally captured their personalities! Chi–such pretty girls!

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