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Monthly Archives: January 2013

A New Process

 Compromise and Ideals Motherhood, gardening, cooking, photography and writing are natural activities for me. Extensions of my values and perceptions, mediums through which I can attempt to pin down my emotions, learning experiences and loves. I love people, I genuinely see the beauty in life, in relationships, in God’s good grace and the truth that […]

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Thank you to the lovely and willing Hannah Theuson for modeling in the flowers for us today. These are some digital portraits I snuck between film shots. More on that later…

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Legacy Portraits // Sara Bean

Many thanks to Josh and Rachel Ligari for allowing me to come into their grandmother’s home and photograph her. She was shy of the camera but seemed dedicated to helping me get what I needed. What I needed was some honest glimpses into her life, into her values, her history and all of the life […]

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The Schutz Girls

This is by far one of my favorite children’s portrait sessions. Rachel of Darly Bird and I were reacquainted last fall when she and her mother opened a new shop in Provo called, Harmony (see some of my photographs of their shop HERE)  featuring her collection from Darly Bird and her mom’s amazing curation of […]

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Ashley Thalman for Say Yes to Hoboken // DIY Sequins Detailing

Last project in 2012 for Say Yes to Hoboken. I really enjoying my collaborations with Liz and Emily Frame. It is so fun to work with a team who share professional respect and mutual admiration. This go around Liz employed the help and talent of Jan Marie to conceptualize and create these looks. Thanks to her […]

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