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A Photographic Ode to Maurice Sendak’s, “Where the Wild Things Are”

My favorite sessions are low-key, children lead sessions where I am able to make friends of my clients. The more time that goes on the more I find my strengths emerging while I work in these circumstances. Children are so carefree, raw, interesting and easy to work with for me. This session took place at these boy’s home and around their neighborhood. Familiarity is key for me. There are so many distractions in new locations. Kids want to explore and I don’t feel like I have much control over where that leads which limits my options with control, light and composition. There is something magic about working with kids in their own home. They get to show-off their domain!

A critical element of this shoot was Stephanie, Creed and Ollie’s mother. She was very hand-off, supportive and trusting enabling me to play with the boys and encourage their natural expression. The costumes were handmade and were absolutely flawless.¬†While composing this post I found Stephanie’s blog post sharing these images with her friends and family. To read it HERE. ¬†Thanks for the review and enthusiasm for these portraits, Stephanie!

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