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The Green Family Home // Home Portraits

When I was sixteen I met a girl who became one of my dearest friends. Her name is Natalie Green. While Natalie moved on to Brooklyn and many other my-age siblings scattered far, I continued to make sporadic visits to the “Bohemian Palace” to visit with her parents. I love this house. I love the landings and yard on the hill, the overgrown bushes and open windows.

When I learned that Natalie’s parents were preparing to pass their palace on to another family, I wanted gather up evidence of the twelve Greens that grew there. For their remembering- to photograph the familiarity of terrace and tile, the history of smudging fingers on sliding glass, feet on carpet, snow tracked through the house, plants that grew (invited or not), bricks stacked to keep cold out and the windows that let the light in.

Best of luck on your next adventure my dear friends.

Meikel - Love this so very much. So much of my childhood was spent in that home,
this made me so happy.

Tricia - How. How do you do it? I don’t know these people, but I feel like I do, now. I don’t know why these photos touched me like they did. Maybe I’m a little jealous, jealous that I don’t have photos like this of my childhood home. They exist in my mind’s eye only. These are priceless.

I generally don’t like stills without people. But I could SEE the people in the empty hallways, entry way, kitchen……


sheena - fantastic!!!

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