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Era End

This March my husband’s Grandmother, Lois, died. Lois lived in this tiny home for most of her life, raised her 4 children here, grieved the loss of 3 husbands here. Yes, she was a three time widow. She outlived her parents and the men she loved. She witnessed the arrival and marriages of most of her grandchildren. She was a grandmother, a banana bread maker, a fiercely independent woman who gardened and, despite an eventual degradation of health, insisted on maintaining her residence here until days before she passed.

The foundation of this home was excavated by a team of horses. The same horses that helped her first husband work their small farm. She lived on the neighboring lot of her friend and mother-in-law Esther. These lots are lost to the Thalman family now. Her belongings are scattered in garbages, distributed to her progeny, donated and decaying. Here is a small image collection of a lost living.

Many thanks to the Thalman siblings who allowed me document and share these photographs.

Shawna - Oh my gosh, Ashley. Every photo is so rich, so tells a story or a moment or a history of hers. Beautiful. When I die will you do this for my kids?

Angi Pelissie - I love every bit of this! Thanks!

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