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2012- January Review

I spent a lot of time away from my blog, and from sharing my work in general this last year. As I rebuilt this blog I realized how much I have missed sharing. Sharing is an intense refinement and I need its benefit in my shaping so here I am again. I’m going to do a series of 5 posts to document my favorite images from the last 5 months. 

Mallory Robin and I have been in collaboration quite frequently this year resulting in a deep and close relationship that blesses me as a woman, a mother and an artist. We’ve made some of my favorite images together but now I’ll be venturing to Belgium to get more. Bittersweet when friends move away. Bitter, bitter sweet. Isn’t she beautiful?

Every time we worked together we spent a significant amount of time prior to the session brainstorming. It paid off.

Shooting Irene and Brandon Stone’s engagements this January  was amazing. We shot the majority on the property of Utah’s new Natural History Museum. Incredible modern lines and lots of dead grass and clean blue skies. Irene and Brandon were so gracious, trusting, professional and appreciative. Photographers like to be thanked and they went above and beyond with handmade artesian bread and grape jelly. I was handsomely rewarded by their generosity and praise.

As many of you know, my sister Shawna Del Valle is one of the most sought after and well respected photographers in the South and travels world wide documenting high-end weddings. She married the love of her life Fernando in Florida this January and I was lucky enough (trusted, honored, believed in) to shoot their wedding. It was an intimate beach affair and they are so in love that everyone fell in love with them, and with love, and with what and whom they love…all over again.

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